we like lists: list # 6: five strengths

Our last list - alternate realities - didn't get a huge response. Perhaps the topic didn't resonate with many readers, or maybe the timing was off. Or it could have been a fluke, who knows. That thread is still open if anyone wants to chime in.

"Alternate realities" was our dreams of people we might wish to be. Today's list is the flipside: positive aspects of the people we already are.

I'd like you to list five things that you do well. Not the top five things you do best; just five things that you do well, things you are good at, qualities about yourself that you like. Five strengths.

And these are the rules: no apologies, no disclaimers, no qualifiers. No acknowledging that other people might do these things better. No telling us that others may disagree with your list or that our mileage may vary. Only this: five positive statements about yourself, affirming five personal strengths.

Here's mine.

1. I write good letters.

2. I'm a good organizer.

3. I am fully at ease with all kinds of people - a diversity of age, background, ethnicity, ability, and so on.

4. I deeply appreciate human creativity - music, writing, handwork, performance, visual arts, etc.

5. I love having new experiences.

Now you try. Mind the rules!

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