shame on you, cbc news

Dear CBC News:

In a story about Don Cherry's Christmas visit to Canadian troops in Afghanistan, I am disgusted by your description of Mr. Cherry as "one of their fiercest backers".

In what way does Mr. Cherry "back" the troops in Afghanistan? By ridiculing people who want peace? By unquestioningly supporting war?

By describing Mr. Cherry as one of the strongest supporter of the troops, you equate supporting war with supporting soldiers, thus implying that people who oppose war do not support the troops.

Those of us who want Canada and the US to withdraw from Afghanistan support soldiers in a way we believe is far more meaningful. We want as few of them injured and killed as possible. We want them safe. We want them home.

Your description of Mr. Cherry befits his publicist more than a news source. Shame on you!


Laura Kaminker

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