when we train people to kill, why are we so surprised when they kill?

Russell Williams in context:

First: Colonel Williams and violence in the military by Dr. J of your heart's on the left.

Follow the trail of violence from basic training, to whatever foreign war you can think of, and back home again. When we train people to dehumanize and kill other people, why are we so shocked when they do just that?

Then: The horrific Williams murders were about power not personal fetishes by Elizabeth Pickett, writing at Rabble.

These were not only murders: they were rape-murders. Watching media reaction, you'd think Williams' victims were the only women raped and murdered in Canada, ever.

Please read both these excellent pieces: here and here.

If we don't look at this in context of both war and everyday violence against women, it's just another celebrity story.

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Others who get it: La Zerbisias and Rose DiManno, who I would have never seen, so double thanks to Antonia.

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