this saturday: refusing orders, crossing borders: a dialogue with u.s. war resisters

On Saturday, October 16, the Buffalo, New York chapter of Veterans for Peace and the War Resisters Support Campaign will co-host a special event in Ft. Erie, Ontario. "Refusing Orders / Crossing Borders" will include a roundtable discussion with a dozen or so US war resisters trying to stay in Canada. Ashlea Brockway, the partner of war resister Jeremy Brockway, will also address the audience. The Brockways are the family living in Port Colborne, Ontario, who I wrote about here. If you are interested in the struggles of war resisters, I encourage you to go back and read that post.

We expect a good crowd of supporters from western New York State and from the local community. If you're anywhere nearby, join us for what promises to be a moving and eye-opening day.

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