from peace alliance winnipeg: petition to withdraw canadian troops from afghanistan

From Paul S. Graham and Peace Alliance Winnipeg:
More than 250 Winnipeggers signed a petition [last Saturday afternoon] calling on the Canadian Parliament to withdraw all Canadian troops from Afghanistan and to "not extend the military mission in any way, shape or form including training of local forces."

Most Canadians oppose having a military role in Afghanistan beyond 2011. We must do all we can to make sure Parliament respects this opinion. Yesterday's two-hour information picket in Winnipeg’s Osborne Village marked the beginning of a Peace Alliance Winnipeg campaign to help our fellow citizens express their opposition to Canada's continued participation in the occupation of Afghanistan.

You can join this effort by:

  • signing the online petition.

  • downloading the pdf of the petition and collecting signatures.

  • downloading and circulating Peace Alliance Winnipeg's fact sheet: "Ten Reasons to Bring Canada's Troops Home From Afghanistan".

  • urging friends, family, co-workers, and everyone else you know to do likewise

  • sharing the petition link on Facebook, Twitter, and any other online networks or forums you belong to.

  • letting your MP know how you feel.

    We know it is likely that the war-mongering Harper government, in concert with the do-nothing Liberals, will renege on promises to bring our troops home in 2011. Call it "training" or "non-combat" or "policing" - however they disguise it with verbiage, the war will continue. We want the troops home now, but let's at least try to hold them to planned 2011 withdrawal date.

    Sign, circulate, agitate.
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