still coming sooner or later: marxism conference notes and video

Back here, I listed the talks I attended at the 2010 Marxism conference, and said I planned to write about them in more detail, and post video when possible.

Everything has taken much longer than planned (what else is new), and I'm having some trouble getting my hands on the audio and video files I wanted.

But I am still planning on writing about these talks:

  • "20 years since Oka: the fight for indigenous sovereignty" with Ellen Gabriel.

  • "From South Africa to Israel: histories of Apartheid" with Joe Kelly, a South African activist, and Clare O'Connor, from the Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid. I am waiting to get an audio recording of this, so I can check my notes and post the most accurate information. Kelly laid out the case for why it is accurate, appropriate and historical to refer to Israel as an apartheid state, and I don't want to miss any of it.

  • "After Cochabamba: the fight for climate justice". This was a panel talk by Andrea Harden, a member of the Council of Canadians who participated in both the state-run climate change conference in Copenhagen and the people's climate change conference in Bolivia, Charlotte Ireland, a Toronto-based peace and environmental activist, and Clayton Thomas-Mueller, of the Indigenous Environmental Network. I'll post a combination of my notes and some of theirs.

  • "Crisis & Resistance: from Greece to the G20" featured Kostas Katarahias of the Federation of Hospital Doctors Unions of Greece, Judith Orr of the British Socialist Workers Party, John Cartwright of the Toronto and York Regional Labour Council, and Carolyn Egan of the Toronto Steelworkers Union. This was an electrifying meeting that I look forward to sharing. It was videotaped and I'm hoping to post the whole thing in four parts.

    So this is just to say I haven't forgotten. I'm working on it.
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