small acts of resistance, little reminders of war

mfso bring me home 001

At the war resisters event in Buffalo, the excellent folks from Military Families Speak Out were giving these away. They are plastic soldiers, posed in all the usual war positions, wearing stickers. One side reads BRING ME HOME NOW, the other MFSO.ORG.

People are encouraged to place them in public spaces - on library shelves, in the supermarket, on a park bench.

I absolutely love the idea and will be doing my bit this week.

mfso bring me home 002

Military Families Speak Out is a US-based organization, but we need a Canadian chapter. At the June 26 peace march for the G20 demos, the mother of a young Canadian killed in Afghanistan will address the crowd. To my knowledge, she is the first Canadian to take such a stand, and I hope her courage gives others to strength to join her.

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