more birthday celebrations: wolf pups at jungle cat world

We're going back to Jungle Cat World today. And we're meeting these guys!

There's something wrong about humans touching and playing with wolves, something wrong about a wolf in captivity. It makes me uncomfortable. But I understand that there's a need for this, if species are going to survive. Jungle Cat World does a lot of education and conservation work, and they take very good care of their animals.

One of these lucky boys will be a mate for Bianca, the Arctic Wolf who honoured us with her howl on our first visit.

jcw 083

jcw 085

These photos of the new wolf pups are by the wildlife photographer WildByDesign. If you like them, I hope you'll visit his Deviant Art page. If you click on Gallery, you can sort by type of animal. I risk becoming obsessed with his wolves and foxes page. His work is amazing.

My post about our first trip to Jungle Cat World (with some photos and links to more) is here.

An update on the animals we saw there is here.

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