question for readers: why do you care so much about the gun registry?

I have no problem with gun owners being required to register their weapons.

And I have no problem understanding why the Conservatives want to repeal the long-gun registry, mostly as a sop to rural Canadians and a foil to the Liberals. (Not good reasons.)

And I have no problem understanding why the Liberals make such a fuss over the gun registry, mostly because they are bereft of ideas and leadership, and this is an easy issue on which to appear firm.

But why do so many people act as if registering guns actually cuts down on crime and keeps people safer?

Why are so many people who are otherwise not big "law and order" types so focused on the gun registry?

Why do people think that registering guns will reduce violence against women?

Supposedly women and victims of violent crimes (or their survivors) love the gun registry. Well, I'm a woman and a survivor of violent crime. And I don't think it makes much of a difference either way.

Please tell me your point of view.

And please follow the guidelines of this blog. Snark is not welcome.

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