happy birthday to me

I have been alive on this planet 49 years today.

Yes, the clock is ticking to 50, and you know what? I don't care! I am here, alive and kicking.

My oldest nephew, born on my birthday, turns 29 today, and in a few weeks my mother turns 79. So next year is a biggie for several in my family! My mom, who also has a great attitude about aging, was saying, "I can't believe I'm going to be 80. How did that happen?" I feel the same way. It's completely mind-boggling, how fast the time goes.

As Dharma Seeker said on Facebook, I have so much to celebrate since my last birthday. Cody is still with us, and cancer free. We are Canadian citizens. I've begun steps towards a new career. Plus the usual wonders: the love and friendship in my life, reasonably good health, a happy life. I have the usual complaints, but today is not a day for complaints.

Today is not a day for anything! I'm taking the day off, staying at home with my pups, Charles Dickens, and a big pile of presents from my own true love.

Tomorrow: wolf puppies! More soon on that.

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