what liberal media? part 3,492,851

In case you don't pay attention to such things (and why should you?), radical right-wing columnist William Kristol will now appear on the pages of the New York Times. Matthew Rothschild writes in The Progressive:
Does William Kristol really need another platform?

He's the co-founder and editor of the Weekly Standard, which Rupert Murdoch owns.

For years, he's been all over the airwaves, first on ABC's Sunday morning talk show and then on Fox.

And he's been, until recently, a columnist for Time magazine.

So why does the Times want him?

In its December 30 announcement, the Times noted that in the mid-1990s, "Kristol led the Project for the Republican Future." But the Times failed to note another, much more important project that he led: The Project for a New American Century, which did so much to pave the way for Bush's Iraq War.

At the Weekly Standard and through the Project for a New American Century, Kristol kept promoting specious claims about the threat from Iraq. And still today he wants war with Iran.

His role in domestic politics is no better. He was instrumental in torpedoing the Clinton health care plan. In December 1993, he circulated a strategy document among Republicans to kill the Clinton plan because it would strengthen the Democrats’ base of support among the middle class. The next month, he urged Republicans to take the stance that "there is no health care crisis."

Egalia, of Tennessee Guerilla Women, figures the Times needs a government cheerleader to replace Judith Miller. See her post for some Kristol pearls of wisdom.

Funny how the liberal media lets the neocons dominate their airwaves and pages. I wonder why that is.

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