job news

Good news: my weekend job was just made permanent.

This is the firm that offered me a raise and promotion, then withdrew the offer, then made another offer of more work for less money.

This week they offered me the same job (my current position) on the same terms, but as a permanent, rather than contract, employee.

In the practical sense, not much changes - I don't work enough hours to be eligible for benefits - but increased job security is a good thing. I've also been doing some legal transcription at home to fill in extra income, and the combination has been working out well.

Looking back through wmtc posts labeled "my working life," I'm reminded that I was hoping to get work as a private ESL tutor or editing university students' term papers. Neither of those things have happened.

The problem with those options is the lack of an accessible, steady stream of work to tap into. If I can't find a steady source - and if it's very time-consuming and competitive to get the work in the first place - the usefulness as a support for my writing life greatly diminishes. And after my adventure with the notetaking work - investing so much time and effort, only to abandon it - a steady, easy, predictable income-earning routine feels very important.

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