january 11 protests

At View Images, you can see a large number of excellent photos of yesterday's day of protest. (Type "january 11 protests" in the search bar.) The site asks you not to reproduce or distribute them, but I hope you'll click.

Think Progress has posted photos of protests in Istanbul, London, Brussels, Manila, Budapest and Washington DC.

Protesters in London held an all-night vigil in front of the US Embassy.

Eighty protesters were arrested in front of the US Supreme Court. Here's a photo of one of them, with her baby.

Here's a photo from a protest in Fresno, California. (Maybe our friend Granny was there.)

Here's a report with some photos from a protest in Dallas, Texas.

It's moving to see so many people, all over the world, give of themselves to stand for justice. For some people, standing for peace and justice is a way of life. Activists in Needham, Massachusetts have been doing so for five years.

The writer asks: "For some of us who have passed the vigil-keepers many times in the past five years, their presence serves a purpose that goes beyond their specific cause. Their constancy and steadfast devotion raise humbling questions for the rest of us, such as: What cause do I believe in fervently? And what am I doing to support and promote it?"

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