what i'm watching: mr. brooks

We saw "Mr Brooks" last night, a suspenseful, creepy and compelling thriller. It's in the cat-and-mouse, serial-killer-vs-FBI vein, but with some unusual variations, and a few very smart plot twists that keep it taut and unpredictable. Ten minutes before the end of this movie, I still couldn't guess how it would play out.

I had forgotten that Kevin Costner is actually be a good actor - he's been in so much dreck. And William Hurt is beautifully creepy. That's all I'll say. If you like suspense and psychological thrillers, you'll enjoy this one.

We saw Mr Brooks no thanks to Zip, who has left us stranded without movies this week. So we tried Rogers' "On Demand" download for the first time, which is easy and not expensive (although you need digital cable to access it).

This is definitely the way we can see the occasional movie during Baseball Season, when there's no point in subscribing to Zip. Although what the odds are of a Red Sox night off falling on a night that it's raining so we can't hang out in the backyard, I don't know. But it did come in handy.

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