happy anniversary to us

Today is the most important day in Laura And Allan Land, the anniversary of our domestic partnership: 21 years.

21 years??? That can be??

Apparently so.

We usually do something very special to celebrate, either go away for a few days or have an incredible four-star dining experience. We did that in New York even when we were really poor.

Last year, as some of you may recall, for that beautiful round number of 20 years, we fulfilled a long-standing dream of staying at the Ice Hotel. (Story here and here; photos here.)

But this past year I had my job upheaval and finances were tight, and we pretty much spent our anniversary-celebration money on the cottage trip we shouldn't have taken (but were glad we did) in September.

When did we become so adult and responsible? Bah.

So this year we are breaking with our tradition and celebrating at home, with some special bottles of wine from this year's Niagara-region wine tour, good food, and music and comedy.

Although I'm sure it will be a nice evening, I'm also afraid that this year will mark the end of our valuing and celebrating this Very Important Day. (Allan tells me it isn't so, but I'm concerned.) So to assuage this fear, I'm already thinking ahead to celebration #22: a few days in Quebec City, which I've heard is wonderfully romantic, and which could also include a day at the Ice Hotel.

Right now we're off to spend the day together foraging for yumminess for tonight's private party.

Here's a link to the story of January 3, 1987, because I never get tired of telling it. A certain New Englander who is both a friend of wmtc and a citizen of Joy Nation might especially appreciate it.

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