welcome to our country

Another member of the wmtc community is making the big move today! "M Yass" who occasionally writes the blog Vigilamus Pro Te, is moving from the Seattle area to BC.

Emigrating to Canada has been a long and convoluted path for M Yass. Not that long ago, he was a rabid wingnut. Now he embraces progressive values with the special zeal of a convert.

I often wonder, five or six years from now, will the NDP see an increase in membership from the influx of ex-pat Americans? The last count showed more than 10,000 of us arrived in 2006. Subtracting for a certain percentage who move for jobs or marriage, most of those 10,000 moved to escape the march of fascism, empire and theocracy. Why do I think they won't be voting Tory?

Welcome M Yass! We've been waiting for you.

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