would be canadians are in!

While I was purposely giving myself a break from news, a certain west-coast couple has received some Very Big News. Daniel and Alan of Would Be Canadians are in!

These men have had a long, anxiety-filled wait. But once again, the US's loss will be Canada's gain.

Many US-to-Canada-bloggers report that this leaves only West End Bound and "drf" to get their acceptance. (Any day now, guys!) While that's true of our little blogging community, there are at least two dozen more families emailing me progress reports - but not blogging - as they make their way to Canada. And obviously that's a tiny fraction of the whole.

One such family moved to the GTA in late August, just as Allan and I were celebrating our two-year mark. They've invited us over for Thanksgiving (the Canadian one), so we'll soon meet them in person for the first time.

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