busy, down, bruce. use them all in a sentence.

I had tons of stuff to blog about, I was snowed under at work and wmtc was down, all on the same weekend. What are the odds?

Now I have to try to fix the site, plus...

I don't know if there are any Springsteen fans among us, but I've been listening to the new album - "Magic," in stores October 2 - and I love love love it. It's warm and familiar, but still new and delicious: comfort food for E-Street fans.

We stopped going to big arena concerts many years ago, but I really want to see Bruce this time around. Really really want to.

He'll be in Toronto October 15. (It's a Monday, I don't even have to take a day off!) Tickets go on sale today, so I'll be refreshing like mad.

I'll see you as soon as I can!

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