up north

We're heading out this morning to Lake Edge Cottages, near Peterborough, Ontario, for a few days in the Kawarthas.

First we're going to a local dog park, to work off a little Tala energy. Most of our stuff is packed, so Cody already knows what's going on. She's watching me expectantly: is this the kind of packing where I go with, or that other kind, where they leave without me? When she sees her bowl and food go in the car, she'll be ecstatic. The less experienced Tala knows something's up, but doesn't know what.

We really shouldn't be going. Money is tight, and I "should" be visiting family in New York and New Jersey, as I have done in previous Septembers. Plus, in our former, highly urban existence, our annual upstate trips were the only time we had any sizeable outdoor time, to sit in fresh air, grill our dinner, relax outside together. Now we do that almost every day! This feels like an indulgence.

But why not indulge? I'm feeling a bit frazzled from all the job craziness, and I could really use a change of scenery. I'm expecting it to be beautiful up there, which will be very refreshing. We'll hike, read, and watch baseball. (I thought we might celebrate a division clinch, but now that can't happen while we're away.) We purposely chose this place because it has wireless internet, so we can watch the game on a laptop.

Which means I'll probably blog, too. So see you soon.

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