tales of the freewayblogger

Every once in a while I like to check in on the exploits of the freewayblogger.

This stuff is brilliant. Talk about "each one, reach one". A word in the landscape - a flash, a thought, an entry into consciousness. It's like staging a mass protest for every morning commute, every single day. Each one, reach millions.

I love the semi-vandalism, quasi-graffiti quality - the same idea and feel of political graffiti, without actually damaging or defacing anyone's precious property.

I love the stealth it must entail.

I love the low-budget, do-it-yourself sensibility.

I love the simple messages.

I love that people care enough to do this, and that they go out and do it.

I love this blog that captures and records these acts of resistance, then combines them with further food for thought, to continue the process.

Thanks to all the freewaybloggers out there.

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