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Remember Cody and her sticks?

cody raking leaves 008

When we lived in Port Credit, the backyard was full of mature trees, and very overgrown. When I started trimming dead branches, we discovered that Cody loved big sticks. (The things you never know, living in the city!) I'm telling you, she adored them.

cody raking leaves 006

She hoarded big sticks in a special corner of the lawn - her toy chest. When Allan would mow, he would move the sticks, mow underneath, then put them back.

cody raking leaves 002

When we moved from Port Credit to the Cooksville area of Mississauga, we knew there wouldn't be many good stick opportunities. So Allan picked up all the sticks, put them in the car and drove them over to the new place, so our Cody could feel more at home.

new house 01.04.07 008

Since then, most of the sticks have disappeared, having been chewed up, or rotted under the snow, or destroyed during tug of war games.

tala cody backyard snow2 011

tala cody backyard snow2 007

Those of you who attended wmtc2 might have noticed that our lawn was graced by a dead spruce tree. Although birds liked to hang out in its top branches, the dead spruce was an eyesore. What's more, one day I noticed it appeared to be leaning at a slightly sharper angle that it had been the day before. I called our landlord.

Landlord borrowed a chain saw, and he and his son dismembered the dead spruce. And left a huge pile of logs and branches for us. He said he'd be back to clean up, but who knows when that would be. Plus, we wanted to save the choicest branches for Cody.

Yesterday, as soon as we started pulling the branches off the pile, Cody came over to see if she could steal a stick or two. She creeps over and tries to sneak off with a stick, as if she's doing something wrong.

We snipped off all the twigs and sharp edges, and created a big pile of nice, fresh sticks. She was in heaven.

dogs in the sun 09

dogs in the sun 08

Here are some other recent photos of our girls.

dogs in the sun 05

dogs in the sun 04

dogs in the sun 10

dogs in the sun 02

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