Every once in a while, I think I should wrap up this blog. I would keep it online, because people who are considering emigrating to Canada or in the process of doing so, use it all the time. But I'd stop writing, or maybe write very infrequently.

When I first mentioned this to Allan, he was horrified, and told me I couldn't, I shouldn't. Then I got a second wind, or a third, felt good about wmtc again, and kept going. This repeats itself every few months.

We're coming up on the one-year mark of living here, amazing as that seems (to me, anyway). Much of our settling-in has been done, and although we're still exploring and learning about Canada, we'll be doing that for a long time to come. I'm not going to blog forever. (Or am I?) Perhaps the first anniversary of our big drive north should be the end of wmtc as we know it.

My original purposes for starting this blog have either been accomplished or never really worked. Writing helped me process this Big Life Change, and wmtc has helped some other people making the same move. On the other hand, blogging didn't turn out to be a good way to keep in touch with long-distance family and friends. I don't know why, but most of those people don't read it.

The most wonderful and unexpected result - the community that's formed around wmtc - is what keeps me writing. I'd miss everyone. I'd miss the advice, the reflection, opinions, jokes, and most of all the occasional but excellent in-depth discussions.

Also, the writing discipline has been excellent. I've never been a journal-keeper; I would write things in notebooks on an as-needed basis, but not as a daily discipline. But writing to be read on a daily basis - as opposed to writing for your own eyes only - helps one think, and therefore write, more clearly. I like to say it "primes the pump" for other writing.

So if something helps me be a better writer, then I should do it.

On the other hand, it often feels like just so much blather.


Peregrinato said...

Honestly, this is anything but blather. This is well-informed and thoughtful commentary on events in your life, which happen to include your reflection on political and cultural events. You're an excellent writer, and your posts never (from my perspective) seem filled with sturm und drang or narcissistic angst that occupies some blogs, even if you're angry. I may not read everything you write, but I've gained much from that which I've read. However, I do appreciate that you have these concerns, because it keeps you humble, and avoids the pretense and bloat that also occupies many blogs. Some people do blather. You do not.

laura k said...

Ok, wow, thanks. Now I feel the need to say I wasn't - am not - fishing for writing compliments or "wmtc is so great, don't stop blogging". I just wanted to tell you all I've been thinking about this.