This weekend the weather is beautiful - brilliantly sunny, cool, and breezy.

The forecast for next weekend - the wmtc party - is hot and humid, with thunder storms.

I'll hope the forecast changes during the week. One nice thing, if it rains and we have to be inside, it will look like a lot more people showed up! Our backyard is much bigger than our little house.

It's just a minor fret, though. I'm not worked up over it.

I wrote enough yesterday to keep you guys busy through Monday. So I'll leave it with this for now.


James Redekop said...

We'll bring umbrellas.

James Redekop said...

On the topic of moving to the US:

Wayne and Shuster turned down many offers to go to the U.S. permanently, preferring to remain in Toronto. Shuster recounted how one network executive was incredulous that the pair would not accept an offer of their own show on US network television. The duo explained that they had debated it but decided that with friends and family all in Toronto, they would be happier in Canada. The executive apparently replied "There's more to life than happiness!"

(From the Wikipedia entry on Wayne and Shuster

David Cho said...

Turn the party into Woodenstock. Does your backyard get muddy?

I wish I could be there.

laura k said...

Does your backyard get muddy?

Is the sun hot? Do I hate George Bush?

Our backyard was a mud pit all winter. It drove us nuts. Now we've had some re-seeding done, and the grass has grown in a lot, and it's looking really nice. (It looks best from faraway. Close-up you can see that a lot of the green are various kinds of weeds and moss. But who cares - it's green!)

I'm just gonna hope for good weather, and roll with it if it's not.

I wish I could be there.

Me too. :)