vote again

Do you think wmtc deserves wider recognition? At least one of you does, as someone has nominated this blog for a Koufax Award.

The award with the coolest name is for lefty bloggers. We move to canada has been nominated in the "Most Deserving of Wider Recognition" category.

These internet awards can't be taken too seriously. But if you appreciate this blog, then you're part of what makes it worthwhile, so why not vote. Right now, as far as I can tell, voting is only open in the "Best New Blog" category. I'll let you know when you can vote for wmtc.


David Cho said...

These internet awards can't be taken too seriously

I hope you take the Best Dog in the World award seriously.

Granny said...

I'll be watching for it.

Andrea said...

keep us posted and I will definitly vote.
are you sure you want even MORE reader though.

Crabbi said...

Hell yes I'll vote for you! Can't wait :) Oh, and congrats to you.

Echomouse said...

I will definitely vote for you as well. I tried but I guess it's not up yet. LOL

doggerelblogger said...

I love your blog, and have linked to you from mine (and I will vote for you, too).

Planning a hockey post for tomorrow, stand by, Canucks!