It's Hockey Day In Canada! I don't have much to say about this tradition, only that I think it's great.

In addition to the community festivities, CBC is broadcasting an all-Canadian triple-header: Ottawa vs Montreal, Toronto vs Edmonton, Calgary vs Vancouver. In the US, on certain national holidays like Memorial Day or July 4th, ESPN will broadcast three, or even four, baseball games consecutively. Allan used to work on all the Monday holidays, and I'd usually be home. I'd keep the TV on all day and periodically check in on the games - and usually end up watching at least two of them. So I know that for serious fans, this is hockey heaven.

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I never look at the Styles section of a newspaper, but when I saw that teaser on the front page of the Globe And Mail, I had to take a look. From the front page of the Style section:
Forget Victoria's Secret. The hottest fantasy of any true-blooded Canadian male is a woman in a parka. There's something about that ring of fur around the face that stirs up primal urges.
Far be it from me to say a woman in a parka can't be sexy. But if a Canadian style writer doesn't want to be mocked, he shouldn't go around writing things like this!


M@ said...

I can't speak for everyone, of course, but my wife and I are both hockey fans, and I'll happily put a game on just because it's on, sure. And we'll be going out with a friend or two to watch the Leafs game somewhere tonight.

But I don't know that it's hockey heaven (for me, that's international hockey anyhow). What it is -- and here I go getting all sentimental -- is a Really Nice Idea. I like the fact that the CBC tries to get an idea of the real state of hockey onto the screen, from kids to the top pros. They hype it as a sort of national unity thing, and I'm suckered in, myself.

It's a good thing we have an even number of Canadian teams, though. In the CFL, one team is always left out on Labour Day weekend.

Kyahgirl said...

just love the way you embrace 'being Canadian'.
I have a sexy parka too. Looks great with a belaclava on those -30 windy days! :-)

laura k said...

I guess there are many kinds of sports heaven.

My team in the world series is one of kind of baseball heaven. Watching baseball all day is another.

And true baseball nirvana is driving around the US with my sweetie, going from park to park, seeing games in all different cities. That part of me will always need the United States! :)

(Don't worry, we'll also check out minor league games in Ottawa, in addition to the Skydome.)

laura k said...

just love the way you embrace 'being Canadian'.

Thanks :)

Of course, if I could actually watch hockey instead of just talking about it, it would help... :)

James Redekop said...

But if a Canadian style writer doesn't want to be mocked, he shouldn't go around writing things like this!

If you don't want to be mocked, you need a different career than style writing. ;)

But he has something of a point. Think of any James Bond movie with a ski chase in it, and the Bond Girls that decorate it.