Wendy Wasserstein, a wonderful writer, a great wit, and an all-around cool person, died yesterday. She was only 55 years old. Wasserstein was a playwright, a screenwriter, a theatre developer (she began a dynamic program to get smart, low-income city kids involved in theatre), a New Yorker, a single mom, an engaged citizen. She was also a fixture in New York, sought after for opinions and commentary, sometimes as the token woman in a roundtable.

An obituary is here, and a funny, poignant remembrance of Wasserstein by a friend, the journalist Gail Collins, is here.

The lights on Broadway will be dimmed tonight in her honour.

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noone said...

I've heard so many wonderful things about her. She will be missed.

And to add to the sorrow, I just heard on morning news that Coretta Scott King also passed away. I can hardly believe it. For some reason, I felt like she would defy death and live forever.

May they both rest in peace.