redsock: "laura on bbc world service"

Hi! Redsock here with an announcement:
Laura is going to be interviewed on BBC World Service in about an hour (between 1:15 and 1:30 est pm). It's an interactive radio program on BBC World Service ("World Have Your Say") discussing the upcoming election (guests will be two Canadians (Conservative and NDP), a Candadian living in Boston, and Laura).
Go here to select your city and find a radio station or listen via the internets. I think if you go to that page, click on "Open BBC Real Player" (top right) and then click on "Now Playing Live", that'll do it.


Restless Sole said...

DAMN! Laura ... I would love to have heard this .... BUGGER!!
BTW ...It's
DR at http://greencanuck.net/grn/

Kyahgirl said...

dang! saw this too late.

laura k said...

Thanks guys, but you didn't miss anything. It wasn't a good experience.

laura k said...

Disreputable, good going! I like how you registered and linked to yourself. :)