Yesterday afternoon I took Cody on an extra-long walk on the lakefront. It was gorgeous out - 11 degrees (I am totally down with my Celsius now!) and sunny. Lots of people were out enjoying the day with their dogs and their kids. Cody likes to say hello to all the dogs, and all the adults, but kids - no, thank you! She's afraid of little ones and makes herself unavailable to their waving arms.

The lake was a deep, rich blue, and perfectly still. Geese, swans and ducks were gliding along the shore.

This morning it's overcast and raining. The lake is battleship gray, roiling with white caps. No birds in sight.

* * * *

Happy New Year to wmtc readers who are celebrating today. It's 4703, the year of the dog.

I hear that Toronto celebrates the Chinese New Year in grand style. Mississauga celebrates, too, big time. At the Y, I'm often one of the few non-Chinese women in the locker room, which is kind of cool.

I wish it were the global year of the dog. I'm reminded of a documentary I saw on dogs all over the world, from pampered family members, to the legions of street dogs, to those killed for food, still a practice in parts of the world. There were images in the film I'll never forget, although I wish I could.

The dog - domesticated, and so, utterly dependent on humans - enjoys the best of humanity, and suffers the worst. Allan and I have often marveled at a dog's boundless trust and optimism. Even the most abused and ravaged dogs will quickly trust and love with an open heart. Our Buster was testimony to that. It took time for him to trust someone new, but the wonder is he trusted anyone at all.

This Bangkok street dog has his own blog. You can read about his life and some of his friends.


teflonjedi said...

Happy New Year everyone!

I'm pleased to note that, being born in 1970, I'm a dog boy myself! ;)

David Cho said...

Go dog people!

allan said...

To all the dogs (especially Samantha, Spike and Sparky):

A treat

laura k said...

Awww. I don't know if anyone here loves those bully boys the way we do.

Ontario Wanderer said...

Greetings from another ex-American. I just found your blog and have been rooting about a bit in your past posts but have not quite figured out when you arrived in Toronto. I've been in Canada since the late 60's and have enjoyed all of my time here. I hope you will have as much good luck as I have had.

laura k said...

Thank you, Ontario Wanderer.

We've been here 5 months today - we landed on August 30, 2005. Everything has gone amazingly well. We're really happy to be here.

Thanks again and continued good luck to you, too.