a little less of me

I'm going to be a little less present in comments for a while. I need to spend more time working, and I want to swim more, and something's got to give. I'll still pop in to play Gracious Host and will chime in a discussion here and there, but I need to hang out less and focus more.
However, I'll still be reading - and appreciating - all your comments. Please don't interpret my absence as, well, absence. You guys make this blog. Keep it up.

Speaking of comments, don't miss the latest on this fucking post. You might want to backtrack for the full effect.


nyana said...

hiya! welcome to canada! i came here around 6 years ago and so far the journey has been quite fun! the city has a lot to offer yet it's not as chaotic as other cosmopolitan cities around the globe tend to be.
i'm very curious with regards to your immigration adventure, so i'm off to read that now! cheers!

Doctor Marco said...

i will always stop by! Dont forget to get in touch as your trip to Peru approaches.

laura k said...

Nyana: thanks for the welcome!

Dr Marco: thanks, and I definitely will!