we like lists: list # 13: it was the best of lists, it was the worst of lists

Few things in life are all good or all bad. Even though I dislike Christmas, I'm happy to enjoy some paid time off, and this year I reaped the benefits of holiday overtime.

Sometimes, the negative so grossly outweighs the positive that there's no point in searching for a shred of silver lining. Example: Jason Kenney. And some things are so joyous, that only a fool searches for a blemish. Example: the 2004 World Series.

But many things in life are downright contrary in evoking mixed emotions. That's what we're listing today.

In the spirit of our last list, this is another create-your-own. Name your five worst and your five best. The only rule is they have to be about the same thing.

I think it's better to start with the negative and end on the positive, but that's up to you.

In honour of turning 50 six months ago, here are the five worst and five best things about getting older, in the world according to me.

Five worst things about aging:

5. I used to have perfect skin. My skin was my best physical feature. Now my skin is... ordinary.

4. General physical breakdown. Creaky knees, easily-pulled muscles, weakening hands.

3. Less stamina. Longer recovery time. This may be more health than age, but the age isn't helping.

2. The ever-lengthening list of care required for maintenance. Orthotics in the shoes, complicated lenses in the glasses, medications, ergonomic equipment, screenings for various diseases. And that's not counting anything cosmetic, which I'm avoiding.

1. I haven't travelled enough. I feel time ticking away, and there are so many places I want to go.

Five best things about getting older:

5. No one asking me when I'm going to have children.

4. Freeing myself of self-created obligations. No longer spending free time on people I don't really want to see, things I don't really want to do, and other people's useless drama. Suffering less bullshit.

3. A longer fuse. More patience, less anger, more generosity, more compassion. More control of my temper.

2. Coming into my own as a writer. Becoming a better writer, but more than that, understanding and accepting my writing process, understanding my need to write as integral to my self, whether or not I write professionally.

1. Knowing what's most important to me. A deep understanding of my core values, my life goals, my purpose, which leads to a richer, more rewarding life.

Your turn!

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