"are there terrorists? i just see kids!": police vs ows continues

This is happening in my hometown.
The cops chased us into City Hall Park. They followed us on their motorcycles as we ran into City Hall Park. Please keep in mind, we are a group of twenty people that were walking up the street. The only thing that separates us from anyone else is that we’ve been targeted because we are loud about our politics. Besides being a bit noisy, we were doing nothing illegal.

The park was full of unaware bystanders. NYPD is extremely lucky they didn’t sideswipe a kid… I watched in shock as they sped through the park.

And was even more dumbfounded when they sped out of the park and up the sidewalk. An old man shouted, “Are there terrorists? I just see kids! What in the hell are they doing?!”

Eventually the cops jumped off bikes and tackled two demonstrators. Both were beat up pretty badly. They threw them to the ground and punched them, slammed them into the concrete.

Other officers created a “human wall” in an attempt to block press and all photographs of their brutality.
It might be happening in your hometown, too, hidden by a human wall or a wall of corporate media.

See OWS In Solidarity with the Shutting Down of West Coast Ports + Police Brutality for video and more details.

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