we like lists: list # 12: ten best of anything

Lists are back! I was a little disappointed in the turnout for our last list, awesome art. Statcounter and Google Reader tell me that a few hundred people read this blog; I wish more of them would jump in the comment pool. But even if only from the core group of wmtc commenters... we like lists!

This list is down to you. It's a list of the ten best. Ten best... you tell me. Ten best baseball players. Ten best reasons to quit your job. Ten best varieties of apples. Ten best places to drink coffee. Whatever you like. The list can be fact-based, objective and debatable, or purely opinion.

My list is the ten best feel-good songs, laura k edition. You know what a feel-good song is - the music guaranteed to make you smile. Songs that make me want to grab an air-microphone and dance around the room.

1. Night, Bruce Springsteen

2. Sing, Sing, Sing

3. American Girl, Tom Petty

4. Steppin' Out, Joe Jackson

5. Domino, Van Morrison

6. Awaiting on You All, George Harrison

7. Rock and Roll, Led Zeppelin

8. Caldonia

9. Take On Me, Ah-ha (Yes, I love this song!) (Also: Funny!)

10. Down on the Corner, Creedence

Updated rule! No repeating other commenters' lists. You've got to make your own.

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