two items and a question

I found these two items at 360 Magazine, an excellent source for disability news.

Item One: Mark Inglis, a 47-year-old New Zealand man, reached the summit of Mount Everest earlier this month. Inglis is missing both his legs below the knee; they were amputated after he suffered severe frostbite while trapped by storms climbing the highest peak in his native country.

Item Two: I will copy directly from the source.
What Would You Say to President Bush?

Before a speech in South Florida encouraging Medicare recipients to sign up for the new prescription drug benefit, President Bush added another entry to his list of verbal miscues.

According to the Associated Press, during the usual hit-and-run of handshakes and hugs, President Bush greeted a man in a wheelchair with, "You look mighty comfortable."

After the groans subsided here at 360, we began asking each other how the wheeler should have responded. Keep in mind, you have probably no more than a couple of seconds of his attention, so how do you react? What do you say to the most powerful man in the world after such a comment?

Send your ideas to editor@360mag.com. We will print a selection of comments in a future issue of the weekly news.
And the question: What would you say? Whether or not you want to email potential comebacks to 360, do please post them here.


Vera said...

"I'd be happy to trade you places."

Jenjenjigglepants said...

"Christopher Reeve was so comfortable that it killed him"

Probably a bit too crude and ingratious to the memory of Mr. Reeve.

But really it's this attitude that people in chairs are 'comfy' that keep family members and health care staff from taking seriously the need to help patients reposition themselves frequently. Decubitous ulcers are preventable...

I know there are other points to be made, but that's the one that jumped to me first.


Jenjenjigglepants said...

Having said that, I should back pedal a bit and also say that though preventable, decubitous ulcers are also very difficult to avoid and many people suffer them despite the best care possible.

allan said...

"And you're a fucking war criminal, you wimpy coke-headed, election-stealing, AWOL moron dry-drunk fratboy, worthless piece of shit."

allan said...

let's see crabbi top that.

mkk said...

How very eloquent, redsock!

How about, "Yes, I'm so much more comfortable sitting here that I've decided to give up walking altogether. You should try it," (and then you might add, "you fucking war criminal, wimpy coke-headed.....[what redsock said..]")

allan said...

No time for that, Marcie.

Keep in mind, you have probably no more than a couple of seconds of his attention ...

Gotta get right to the point! ... Don't bury the lede!

Crabbi said...

Ooh, a challenge!

Everything Redsock said, plus, "When you're found guilty of war crimes -- and you wil be -- your life will be spared, which makes you much luckier than your victims. Think of that the rest of your miserable life. Oh yeah, and grow a soul, why don't you?"cfodq

allan said...

Aw, no swearing. Boo.

Unless "cfodq" is some new obscenity I don't know about?

barefoot hiker said...

"So do you, but then, my handicap's visible."

laura k said...

Thanks for your entries, everyone.

Good pratical perspective, jjjp - thanks for that. I like mkk's invitation. A comeback like that could be very useful.

Both Vera's and Lone Primate's comments are excellent zingers: concise and biting.

Redsock and Crabbi seem to have gotten off topic... with amusing results. :-)

Let's see if more people respond.

biondone said...

How 'bout simply:
"Did you just say what I think you just said, Mr. President?"


"I what?"

Crabbi said...

Unless "cfodq" is some new obscenity I don't know about?

No, I just fucked up the word verification and decided not to delete. I'm one fucking lazy liberal...

Redsock and Crabbi seem to have gotten off topic... with amusing results. :-)

We sure did! Must be because I'm so filled with liberal rage :)

OK, how is this for a response to Fucky McFucker?

W (to me in a wheelchair): You look mighty comfortable.
Me: Amazingly, so do you.

Seriously, only a sociopath would be comfortable in his own skin, having done the things W has done.