the exodus continues

Every day I hear from more Americans who are making the move northwards. Moving to Vancouver is the story of West End Bound and drf, currently in Florida. (Guys, link to me, eh?!)

Jo Davenport put her immigration experience into a book - something I'm also planning to do. You can see it here. In a few weeks, Jo will be a dual citizen!

And I'm not sure I ever mentioned Diamond Jim, who moves to Toronto (from New York!) just in time for our party!


Zeke Hunkaburning said...

La mandarina

You really left me back in la mandarina.

What a great description of a great experience.

I hope you find the wherewithall to relax and decompress, draw in some deep breaths, and enjoy some silence and refelction.

Thanks for your travelogue, and welcome back.

Now chill.

Andrea said...

just arrived here yesterday!!! After FIVE HOURS in immigration at vancouver airport. UGH!
but we made it!!!

laura k said...

Hola Zeke! Thank you for your kind words. Especially nice, considering I ruled against you in an Official Proceeding. ;-)

I am definitely chilling, and also ready to resume real life. Thanks again.

laura k said...

YAY ANDREA!! Five hours??? That is completely insane! I can't imagine how you kept Ji entertained that long...?! Good job, however you got through it.

Welcome home!!

Anonymous said...

Just waiting to exit...! Oh, how frustrating as I sit here listening to this blathering idiot from Texas (different village, different idiot) talk about why we need to make English the official language, etc., etc. and as I wait for the Senate vote in June to amend the US Constitution to define marriage and... Oy! Get me out of here!!!

Oh, and welcome back! ;-)