Impeachment news round-up:

Buy A T-Shirt and drink to impeachment.

Buy a book and give a gift. Buy a copy of The Articles of Impeachment Against George W. Bush, by the Center for Constitutional Rights, for your US Congressperson and Melville House will pay the postage.

In case you missed it, in the April issue of Rolling Stone magazine, historian Sean Wilentz wondered if Moron is The Worst President in History?. Author Andrew Bard Schmookler says the question has been answered.

On the "why Moron may be unimpeachable" front, Matthew Rothschild of The Progressive reminds us that leading Democrat Nancy Pelosi is against it! With an opposition party [cough, cough] like this, who needs Republicans?

And, just for fun, we have:
Veterans For Peace Case For Impeachment
Law Professor Francis Boyle's Case For Impeachment
Attorney, former Congressperson, and excellent feminist Elizabeth Holtzman's Case For Impeachment
The ImpeachBush Online Petition
Another Impeachment Petition
ImpeachBush.tv (Hey, let's impeach him on TV!)
AfterDowningStreet's impeachment news and action page
Parting Gifts for The Worst President Ever

Posts like this inevitably draw cynical do-nothings out of lurkdom. In answer to your predictable questions: No, I do not think impeaching President Moron will solve all the US's problems. But hot damn, wouldn't it be awesome???

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James Redekop said...

Molly Ivins also wrote recently that she doesn't think impeachment will help anything. For one thing, it'll put Cheney in charge. For another, the whole of Congress will get so bogged down in it that they won't be able to accomplish anything else. Unless the Dems take significant majorities in both the House and Senate, any attempt at impeaching Bush will simply be met with the Republicans destroying any and all legislation the Dems try to pass.

Though what might be good would be for the Dems to accumulate evidence over the next two years and then initiate criminal proceedings against sundry members of the Bush Administration once he's out of power... ;)

allan said...

it'll put Cheney in charge.

Ummm ...

laura k said...

My thoughts exactly. Since Cheney is already in charge, and has been throughout, impeachment can't make things any worse. It would have tremendous symbolic value.

That's all impeachment is, anyway - a potent symbol. Impeachment is separate from removal from office.

Crabbi said...

I'm thinking if Bush is impeached (goddess willing), that Cheney will be, too. And yes, that would be awesome.

I absolutely disagree with Pelosi, but if she starts talking impeachment, Rove will use that as a campaign issue. "Do you want your country torn apart by partisan bickering? Can we afford that when we're fighting the war on terror? Code orange. Code red. Blah, blah, blah." Not justifying her stance, but that may be what's behind it.

allan said...

inevitably draw cynical do-nothings out of lurkdom


laura k said...

inevitably draw cynical do-nothings out of lurkdom


You are not a do-nothing and you don't lurk!

Not justifying her stance, but that may be what's behind it.

Perhaps. How amazingly effective Rove & Co are! Not unlike terrorists, in that fear of their handiwork causes people to change their behaviour...

Also, good point re Cheney.

melusina said...

How easy is it to impeach the whole durn administration? We need full impeachment and a new vote. I don't think it can wait two and a half years.

But yea, it would be awesome.

Granny said...

I keep going back and forth on this one. I lean toward impeachment I think. At least it would send a message.

I don't think it will happen although I have hopes for the states who are pushing their own legislation through.

I'm not clear on the law but if a state asks for hearings, the House has to go along. CA is doing it along with a few other states.

Something to do with that pesky Constitution.

David Cho said...

If Nancy Pelosi goes that route after Rove gets indicted (whatever happened to that?), I am not sure if there will be any cohesive leadership in the GOP to put up a fight like that. Rove's indictment will drastically change the political landscape.

David Cho said...

The link to itmfa needs to be fixed. Right now you have


One too many http// :-)

David Cho said...

Wait. All your links have the extra "http//". Am I seeing something wrong?

laura k said...

All fixed. I put the links in a new way, and apparently it didn't work that well! Thanks.