trying again

Last year, I asked for your help in placing an essay I wrote. It's a personal essay with political overtones, pegged to the anniversary of September 11th. I've tried and missed with all the biggest essay forums, and it's not a good fit for any of the alternative forums that I know about.

Shortly before we moved, an editor at Macleans expressed interest (yay!), but she had already committed to a 9/11-related piece (boo!).

I planned to try her again this year, for the 5th anniversary of September 11th. But in the intervening time, Macleans has had a big shake-up. The interested editor is no longer on the masthead, and the essay venue, "Over To You," no longer exists. (Very boo!) Story of my life. Story of freelancing.

A friend of mine whose guilty pleasure is junky women's magazines suggested I try Oprah's magazine and the other big women's mags. She reads them regularly and says my essay would fit right in - and I'd love to get the wide readership - so I'm going for it.

As always, your ideas are most welcome.


David Cho said...

Having read your "My Turn" essay, I think it will do really well. I would recommend against National Review :-)

laura k said...

I would recommend against National Review :-)

Indeed. :)

Thanks for the vote of confidence. It's so hard to get a personal essay in print, there are so few places that run them. This is the third year I'm trying for this piece.