Jane Schwartz, a very talented writer and our very dear friend, has a moving piece in today's New York Times about Barbaro, the horse who broke down at this weekend's Preakness Stakes.

Jane is the author of Ruffian: Burning From The Start, a riveting, heartbreaking, beautifully written book. (It was published, I may add, long before the general public ever heard of Seabiscuit.) Ruffian is a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at the world of horse racing, and about as moving a story as you can imagine.

From today's story:
At the medical center where Barbaro was being treated, people left signs for the colt, expressing their love for him.

Perhaps the real miracle — the one that matters to all of us, whether we know it or not — is that so many of us are still capable of caring so much.
Read it here. (And read Jane's book!)


andrea said...

I was so glad that I missed yesterday's Preakness; it's weird because I *never* miss the Triple Crown races. I can't even read the book about Ruffian because I was about 14 when she exploded on the scene and even thinking about her story now makes me tear up. Thanks for the link.

laura k said...

If you like Ruffian, don't miss this book.

I'll tell you what I told Allan before he read it: don't read the ending in public. Be home with a big box of tissues.

But despite the heartbreaking ending, it is such a good book. It is a celebration of these magnificent creatures, race horses.

Andrea, this reminds me, one of the cities we were near in Peru is a centre for a certain kind of show horse event called Caballos de Paso. Do you know about this? The town is Trujillo.

allan said...

And Jane's first book -- Caught (published in 1985) -- is also excellent. It's hard to find a copy, though.

laura k said...

I knew Caught before we knew Jane! A terrific book.

andrea said...

I figured that I'm a big enough girl now to read the book, so I just ordered it from the library...

I haven't heard of the event but I love the elegance of the Peruvian Paso and Paso Fino horses. I'm supposing it's a kind of dressage display?