Adios, Huanchaco. You´ll live forever in my heart.

After posting yesterday, we ran into Marco, strumming his guitar on the sea wall. How nice to see a familiar face!

A restaurant on a side street had set up a big grill in front - right on the street. A very friendly waiter was showing off fresh fish and seafood to customers. We took a plastic table on the sidewalk, and watched our squid and langostinos sizzle before our eyes. Add a few papas fritas on the side, a carafe of cold wine, and that´s as good a dinner as I could ask for.

Nick, our dog-away-from-dog, was waiting for us at the hotel. We had some socks drying on our patio, and he ran off with one. What a sweet little devil this dog is. He makes me want a young German Shepherd again.

This morning after breakfast, we tipped all the wonderful Huanchaco staff and said our goodbyes, then took a taxi into Trujillo, and got our bus north to Chiclayo. (More loud movies on the bus, of course, competing with loud salsa from the driver.) The trip was longer than we anticipated - transportation always is here - and left us little time to do any sightseeing today.

Instead, we arranged a tour for tomorrow. Because we stayed an extra day in Huanchaco, we have only one full day to see Sipan and the related museums, and we want to maximize our time. If we do our own transportation, it will never work. We booked a tour (just us, no group) that includes transportation, an English-speaking guide, and admission to the sites and museums, for about US $35 each.

Chiclayo is another colonial-style town, not on the standard tour circuit. I have a feeling tomorrow is going to be terrific.


James Redekop said...

Maps again:

laura k said...

Thanks! I believe the smaller town to the northwest is Lambayeque.