Working five days a week and being off two days a week is completely out of balance. It is too much work, and not enough time to oneself.

Perhaps if you love your work - maybe only if you love your work - the equation adds up differently. But if you work only to earn money with which to live your real life, it's way off.

I don't hate my day-job work as a legal word-processor or legal secretary. I have good skills, I'm treated with respect, it's not so mind-numbingly boring that the day drags, nor so taxing that it drains me. The work is all right.

This particular firm where I'm now stationed seems like a really decent place to work. And my commute could not be easier.

There's just too much of it.

My goal is to lessen the hours, but that will take some time. I can't bring it up until I've been there a while.


doggerelblogger said...

I have to confess that since I started working freelance five years ago, the thought of doing anything else hasn't even come up. Even if you work the same amount of hours, somehow doing it on your own time in your own way makes it so bearable it's like a secret you're afraid of telling, in case someone takes it all away.

Being a wage slave is definitely soul sucking; the only difference is the speed and intensity.

laura k said...

I totally agree re freelancing. This isn't my choice.

My well-paid freelance work ended suddenly, leaving me with interesting and enjoyable work that doesn't pay well enough to live on.

I don't find work soul-sucking, but maybe I don't have enough soul. :)

Granny said...

I spent 15 years on my last job, 8 at the one before. By the time I retired, I was ready to not look at the inside of an office for a while.

Crabbi said...

I hear you, L. Even the best job has its tedious moments. I like my job and love my coworkers, so I'm luckier than many, but still, I'd love to cut my hours in half. Some day...

David Cho said...

I hear ya.

I have been free-lancing for about 3 years now. It's a trade off, but the idea that somebody else dictates your schedule from Monday 8 AM to Friday 5 PM terrifies me. True, you get to go home every day, but they are just breaks to me.

But I miss bonding with my co-workers though, uniting against evil management. It was great in many ways.

Andrea said...

ohhh to get out of the office!!! dream dream dream dream dreaaaiymmmm my dream