still here

I had to miss the funeral.

They're expecting very bad weather in the New York metro area. I was still willing to be optimistic and try, but it wasn't my call to make. My sister, who would have been doing all the driving between her house, my pick-up point, the synagogue, and the cemetery, felt it was best not to.

I feel bad that I couldn't be there for Selma's daughters. I know they understand - in fact, they were urging me not to come - but still. I felt I should be there.

Since my day off was already arranged, it seemed better not to re-re-arrange the whole thing - so I have an unexpected day off. However, I'm still on brief hiatus from blogging.


ShuswapGirl said...

Im New to this so sorry if it dosnt work...
I dont think u should feel bad u werent there... its not ur fault u couldnt go and see her... stop beeing so hard on your self!

Nicole said...

I am terribly sorry about your friend and not being able to go. Take care-

gibgric said...


I'm so sorry for your loss of your family friend. Whenever someone who has lived a long life dies, I always send a silent wish that they lived the life they wanted to live. From your description, it sounds like Selma did that.