Ah, the weekend. And a real weekend, because all my current writing assignments are in. I can spend two days relaxing and doing things around the house and the neighbourhood.

The firm where I'm temping wants to hire me, which is not surprising - if only I was as good a writer as I am legal secretary and word-processor! What is surprising, and great, is that they're trying to accommodate my need for an unusual schedule.

They have several employees who work unconventional schedules, like four 10-hour days or three 12-hour days. Not every law firm is open to that, and it shows flexibility on their part. As corporate law firms go, this one is a very nice work environment - relaxed and friendly.

Knowing they're considering offering me a better schedule makes it a whole lot easier to do the Mon-Fri 9-5 thing. I feel like I'm making an investment, with a chance of some kind of payoff down the road.


David Cho said...

Besides freelancing, that is the next best thing - an employer willing to give you a flexible schedule. That is great. Hope it will work out for you

teflonjedi said...

Flexible schedules are great...because I'm not too much of a morning person!

laura k said...

You guys are way ahead of me. :)

I don't think the schedule will be flexible in terms of when I have to be there and when I have to leave. But if I'm lucky (and if they want me to work there), they'll offer me hours that are not straight Mon-Fri 9-5, such as 9-9 or 12-12 three days a week.