The flooding in our backyard has receded. Now the ground is soft and mushy, but at least it's ground, and not a pond. Our landlord came over with a shovel, and cleared the trench at the back edge of the property. Now we'll know where that is for in the future.

Little white flowers have popped up all along the borders of the lawn. Marnie tells me they are snowdrops. They're lovely, a harbinger of spring.

backyard flowers in march 001

backyard flowers in march 004

I'm halfway through this full-time temp assignment. No, it has not gone quickly. Time drags every day, the week is interminable, the weekend is an eye-blink. It's very unpleasant to work full-time, then spend my weekend doing my "real" work as a writer. It was hard enough when I was young and didn't know better. Now it's just dreadful. Nevertheless, I am halfway through.

Four more weeks of this, including an extended weekend in New York and New Jersey, then a week to myself - then Peru! This law firm would love me to continue working there when I return, but they'll have to offer me better hours. I'll have a bunch of stories to write, and a party to prepare for.


Ferdzy said...

Nice. I have a couple crocuses but they are frozen solid at the moment, poor little buggers.

As for the work, I hear you. I don't think I could go back to a "real" job. For one thing, I'm pretty sure no-one would have me. I used to do some temp work, and after I became a landlord it became rather hard to get jobs. I think people think, that once you are self-employed, you are not going to fit into their little bureaucratic bubbles amy more. (And - shhhh! - they're not wrong! Not that I ever did, really.)

I am off to Spain in just over a week and have not so much as cracked my book of Spanish verbs either, which I had in mind as the minimum.

Anyway, I hope you have a wonderful time in Peru, and I look forward to hearing about it.

laura k said...

Have a great time in Spain, Ferdzy!