a note about vancouver island

Vancouver Island has several regions, but the first division is between the south island and east coast, as distinct from the north island and west coast.

The south island is home to the Greater Victoria region, Nanaimo (the second largest city on the island), and many smaller towns and population centres. The gulf islands are also off the east coast, in the Strait of Georgia, between the island and mainland British Columbia.

The north island is almost all uninhabited -- there are tiny villages, some aboriginal territory, and much preserved wilderness area. The west coast, with the exception of a few surfing resorts, is made up of Pacific Rim National Park, beaches, and rugged, uninhabitated coastline.

I was disappointed that on this trip we wouldn't see any of the north island or west coast. But we had one week, and the trip had a purpose. We resolved (at least I did!) that if we move out there, after we get settled, our first vacation will be north and west, and hopefully with M&M, too.

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