what this blog has been missing!

It's strange to be so completely focused on something and not post about it here at all. So...


That's better!

The 2013 Red Sox continue to thrill and amaze us. Last night they pulled off one of the most improbable comebacks in postseason history. (Allan has a nice look at how it happened.) I expect to be watching baseball deep into October.

Or listening to, as the case may be.

We're not supposed to see these games at all, because telecom companies rule the world, and postseason baseball is only available via cable TV. And as you are undoubtedly sick of reading about by now, we dumped cable in favour of streaming.

We have a workaround, and have been watching games on a computer... but it doesn't always work. Friday and Saturday nights, I watched playoff games online, with perfect streaming that was as good as watching TV. Last night, it didn't work at all, and I only had the radio broadcast.

Fortunately I love listening to baseball on the radio, and I can watch highlights after the fact (which I plan to do this morning). But still, it would be nice if streaming via VPN worked more often than not.

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