wmtc.ca is back!

I am SO happy! My own domain name, wmtc.ca, is once again working with the Blogger platform. URLs for this blog will now show the wmtc.ca address, as they did many years ago, and I (again) have blogspot out of the blog's URL.

I registered wmtc.ca in 2006, before Blogger really supported custom domain names, and used a cumbersome FTP transfer to get Blogger and wmtc.ca to communicate. It worked, but not well. Page-specific URLs (permalinks) wouldn't publish with the wmtc.ca domain; every page showed as wmtc.ca. You could get the permalink by right-clicking, but of course no one ever did that. So when readers shared my posts, they would only link to the home page.

Then, after a time, Blogger stopped supporting the FTP transfer altogether.

For a while I tried switching to WordPress, but that didn't work for me for a variety of reasons (all documented under the "meta" tag).

Eventually I stopped banging my head against the wall and set wmtc.ca to forward to wmtc.blogspot.com. That wasn't what I wanted, but at least I could still use a simple, short, custom URL when posting on blogs, in my sig line, on Facebook, and so on.

With its more recent upgrade, Blogger now supports custom domains. But because I had the forwarding set up, and because I use a company not specifically listed in Blogger's instructions, I wasn't sure how it would work. I was waiting until Allan and I could both sit down and puzzle over Blogger's and easyDNS's poorly-worded, spotty instructions. And of course when something isn't urgent, it continually gets put off.

So finally, after months of delay, we worked on it this morning. It involved a bit of guesswork and breath-holding, but now... ta-da! It's done!

Wmtc.ca lives!

PS: I don't expect anyone to care about this. I'm just so excited I had to share.

PPS: Regular readers don't have to update anything. Wmtc.blogspot.com will automatically point to wmtc.ca.

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