greetings from boston

Astute baseball fans might recognize this as Fenway Park, seen from behind the outfield. This would be totally unremarkable... if I hadn't taken it five minutes ago from my hotel room.

We are in Boston for a quick - although highly anticipated - mini-vacation. We drove down yesterday, driving back on Thursday, and in between seeing two games and lots of friends - several friends from Joy of Sox*, plus a niece who is in law school in this city. Before last night, we hadn't seen each other in two years.

On our last trip to Boston, in 2009, we discovered the Hotel Buckminster, a historic hotel, and a great bargain in an amazing location, steps away from Fenway. Now we'll never stay anywhere else.

For anyone keeping track, we crossed the border in about 10 seconds.

* By that I mean originally from Joy of Sox. They are actual friends, no qualification needed.

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