emergency rally to defend occupy toronto: 5:00 today

Message from Occupy Toronto:

OCCUPY TORONTO IS BEING EVICTED. Mayor Rob Ford has angrily taken to television, even gritting his teeth, to say he wants protesters "gone NOW". City Manager says by midnight force will be used, but mayor is pressing for even faster.

Ford and the judge point to upset neighbors as the ultimate cause of the eviction, but only eleven people in the neighborhood came out to a meeting to discuss plans to get rid of us, numerous neighbors and local businesses are in support (some because we brought them business, and some because they support our message).

In the meantime, Rob Ford has been our primary target because for Occupy Toronto, he is the local face of austerity, his cutback and privatization agenda are systematically destroying our city and we have been incredibly vocal in challenging him on it.

So, why are we being evicted? Because 11 neighbors are unhappy with us? Or because we've been a thorn in the side of Ford and he's attacking us for speaking out against him?

Defend our right to protest! Defend Occupy Toronto! Contact:
Toronto Mayor Rob Ford 416.397.FORD (3673)
Police Inspector Howie Page 416.808.5200

Lawyers are trying to get a timeline for when the actual eviction will happen. In the meantime, come to the park immediately if you have the time, or if you cannot, then come down for 11:00pm and help us during the 12:00 [midnight] eviction time.

Remember that our goal is to be non-violent! But we're not going without a fight. What that means is that we need to pack the park with people so that it becomes really hard to evict us! Those who absolutely don't want to risk arrest can still stand to the side and bear witness, since this is the best way to ensure the police are not violent.

You cannot evict an idea whose time has come!

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