toronto, your mayor wants to hear from you. tell him you value your public library.

When Toronto City Council’s executive committee meets on Thursday to start making decisions about the future of the Toronto Public Library, you can help defend Toronto Public Library. And if you can't make it, you can surely make a phone call.

The committee’s first item of business is the infamous KPMG report recommending branch closures, reduced hours, cuts to programs - and privatization.

Anyone can get on a speakers list to make a five minute statement about why the Toronto Public Library is important. Just send an email to exc@toronto.ca to request an opportunity to speak. For more information about the meeting, go here.

Rob Ford said he wants to hear from all Torontonians. On CTV last week, he said:
I still return every call that comes in. Anyone who wants to call me, they can call 416-397-3673.
Let's take him up on it. Call 416.397.3673 and leave a message about how important the Toronto Public Library is. (Please be nice.)

So, if you value the Toronto Public Library, and you want to help save it, here's how you can help.

1. If you want to speak at the City Council Executive Committee Meeting, email exc@toronto.ca.

2. Whether or not you would speak, you can help pack the house:
Toronto City Council Executive Committee Meeting
Thursday, July 28
9:30 a.m.
City Hall, committee room 1

3. Whether or not you can do any of the above: call 416.397.3673.

PS to helpful wmtc readers: Thank you, I do know that Doug Ford doesn't know who Margaret Atwood is. Perhaps if he spent more time at the library, he wouldn't sound so ignorant.

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