to anyone trying to use the massacre in norway as a justification for abolishing gun control

Regarding the horrific massacre in Norway, some people are apparently making statements like this: "If that had happened in Texas, the shooter would have lasted 30 seconds before dozens of regular folks with guns took him out."

Texas has a rate of deaths by guns of about 11 per 100,000, which comes out to about 2,860 per year. [If my math is incorrect, by all means let me know.] Norway's rate of deaths by guns is 0.30 per 100,000, about 14 a year.

If we factor in yesterday's massacre - clearly not the norm in Norway! - Norway's death-by-gun rate rises to 1.66 per 100,000.

In other words, factoring in all the poor souls who lost their lives yesterday, Texas's gun death rate will exceed Norway's by almost seven times.

You know how when people carry cell phones, they use cell phones? And if they don't have a cell phone on their person, they can't use one? Letting people run around with guns doesn't decrease gun violence. Humans don't work that way.

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