canada causes cancer: sign a petition to ban canada's asbestos industry

From Canada Causes Cancer:
Asbestos causes cancer and other deadly lung diseases.

That's why asbestos has been banned in 52 nations, including the European Union. Not to mention, the Canadian government removed it from Parliament and the Prime Minister's home.

Despite all this, Canada is still a leading exporter of asbestos to developing countries. Stephen Harper should ban it, or put it back in his home.

Soon the Canadian parliament will consider a Private Member's Bill to end Canada's deadly asbestos exports. Will your MP support this crucial legislation?
I'm sure my new Conservative MP will not support the bill, but that won't stop me from telling him how I feel. Please visit Canada Causes Cancer to sign the petition and send this message to Prime Minister Stephen Harper and your Member of Parliament:
I call on PM Harper and the Canadian Government to:

- Ban Canada's production and export of deadly asbestos.

- Institute a just transition program for the 500 remaining asbestos workers and the communities they live in.
More asbestos facts and the petition at Canada Causes Cancer.

A bit of background here.

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